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Licitaţie: expert individual pe tema analizei cost-beneficiu (Maldive)

Posted in Licitaţii by on 10 Noiembrie 2008

Dacă vă interesează să vă extindeţi aria de consultantă în exoticele insule Maldvide, UNDP Maldive angajează un expert individual pentru a realiza un studiu în domeniul analizei cost-beneficiu. Iată anunţul, în limba engleză în original:

The United Nations Development Programme / Maldives  Office,  call for offers from qualified international consultants for a cost-benefit study.

In this respect, UNDP Maldives, requests sealed offers from qualified international consultants for the supply of the services above referred and fully described in the terms of reference found at the below mentioned web site.

Interested qualified international consultants are requested to submit the following documents :

1)                  Sample cost-benefit analysis undertaken in the past.

2)                  Proposed CBA methodology for this study.

3)                  Detailed updated curriculum vitae with supporting documents;

4)                  P11 form duly signed; and

5)                  Financial proposal (lump sum in US$)

Terms of reference and P11 concerning this advertisement can be obtained from the following web site:

Sealed offers must be delivered to the UNDP Maldives Office in Male’ at the address mentioned below or via fax  00960 332 4504  at or before 15:00 hours Maldives time,  on 20 November 2008.  Late offers shall be rejected.

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