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Job: Evaluation Consultant, Albania

Posted in Job by on 19 decembrie 2008

„Children Today” Center in Albania ( is looking for a highly qualified candidates for the evaluation of a two year project/program called „Our Right for a Better Education and a Better Future”, which aims at the improvement of education in 14 rural schools of Albania and the enhancement of students’ role in their school (and community). The in country evaluation is going to take place from 5 January to 18 January 2009 and the selected Evaluation Consultant will be obliged to submit a draft of the evaluation report by 26 January (in English) and the final draft by 6 February 2009. The Evaluation consultant will also need to take part in the Evaluation Results Workshop that will be organized in 15/16 February.

Required Qualifications and Experience

The Evaluation Consultant should fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Hold a first degree or a post graduate qualification in Basic or Secondary Educational Development, Monitoring and Evaluation or Community Development
  2. Expertise in Basic and Secondary Education and/or Teacher Education
  3. Previous experience of conducting evaluations of Education Programs/Projects
  4. Experience of qualitative, participatory evaluation methods with children
  5. Gender analysis skills and/or very good understanding of gender equity issues
  6. Very good knowledge of child rights and development issues
  7. Proficiency in English
  8. Excellent writing skills
  9. Excellent communication skills
  10. Respect for diversity and cultural differences

Responsibilities of the Evaluation Consultant include:

  1. Adapting and contextualising the ToR as well as the evaluation indicators, developing questionnaires and methods suggested by QFS/Plan and SNO
  2. Conducting the Final Evaluation in Albania
  3. Producing the draft and final Program Evalution Report
  4. Feeding back findings to participants in the evaluation

Interested candidates should reply and send their CVs as soon as possible at:


A full version of ToR of the evaluation along with other details will be distributed upon request.

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