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Evaluare externă a unui proiect cu finanţare europeană

Posted in Licitaţii by on 3 septembrie 2009

Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning is running a tender to subtract the external evaluation within the EU funded project „Contribute to change: young women in political careers”. The project is co-financed by the European Commission within the „Europe for citizens” programme.

Project duration: 1st August 2009 – 30th July 2010.

The external evaluation should reflect the progress, process and results during the project development.

Requested evaluation outcomes:
i)      Interim external evaluation report of the project (February 2010)
ii)     Final external evaluation report of the project (August 2010)

No attendance of meetings is required from the external evaluator.

The tender proposal should clearly identify:
•       The proposed evaluation methodology to be used in the project;
•       Previous relevant experience of the person/staff that will undertake the main areas of work;
•       The fee proposed for the subcontracted work and accomplishment of the 2 outcomes (interim and final evaluation report) and the basis on which the fee would be calculated.

We invited interested people to submit their tender proposal by the deadline of 15th September 2009 by email to the email address

You will find downwards the summary of the project for which this tender is carried out.

We thank you in advance for your interest in our project.

With kind regards,
Emilia Saulescu
Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning

Summary of the project

Title: Contribute to change: Young Women in Political Careers

Duration: 1 year (August 2009 – July 2010)

During the last years we have witnessed considerable progress in what concerns women’s participation in the political and social life, many countries having adopted laws that ensure equal opportunities for men and women. Besides all this, the mentalities and life styles do not allow an appropriate percentage of women participating in the political life.

At present the difference between the number of men and that of women members in the Parliament is considerably big. The percentage of women members of Parliament varies between 19% in UK, 15% in Czech Republic and 9,7 in Romania.

In order to contribute to the changing of this state of art, the partnership aims at starting from changing the mentality of the target group, young women, who need to increase their self-esteem and their abilities of free expression. By means of the participatory workshops the target group will be supported in improving their knowledge on participatory democracy, the importance of their involvement in the political life at local and European level, but also the role of the vote.
The project aims thus at increasing the participation of young women aged 16-35 in the political life and to the vote by increasing their trust in the own forces, with the help of workshops based on the scenarios and role play.
A group of 10-15 women from each country will be involved in a series of interactive workshops with the aim to prepare in the end a public debate moderated by themselves.
A DVD with the experiences gathered in the project will be produced, as well as a success stories booklet that will gather relevant stories, anecdotes, good practices that happened during the project implementation.
The project website will reflect the activities of the project.
Project outcomes: Needs analysis report at the level of the target group, workshop methodology and curriculum in EN, RO, CZ, participatory workshops with women (5 in each country), 3 public debates „Role of women in national and European politics”  (one in each of the partner countries; Success stories booklet, Website of the project, DVD of the project, final dissemination conference, CD of the conference, dissemination materials (flyers, brochures, posters, newsletters).


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